Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Oh no he didn't...but she shouldn't have

OH MY GODDDDD! A Woman Tries To Stop A Man From Playing The Guitar In What Appears To Be A Restaurant . . . . And He Wasn't Havin' None Of That Because He Literally SLAPS THE SPIRIT OUT OF HER!!! (Was She Wrong For Butting In? Maybe. But He Ain't Have To Slap Her Like That!)
Posted by Mediatakeout on Monday, October 26, 2015
We do not condone hitting women under any circumstances but this chic shoulda left a black man alone minding his business. Just trying to get his melody on and she wasn't having none of it. Well, he wasn't having none of her sh*t neither and let her know with the help of an ancestry-fueled slap that came with an instruction manual. He walked her through the process of the slap before the actual slap but she didn't even flinch, thinking her 'I am a white female in a public place" force-field would protect her. How wrong she was.

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