Monday, 29 February 2016

Red Sea skills...LMAO

I have no words...i'm trying to stop laughing. ROTFLMAO

As seen somewhere in Agbor

The hustle is real o...and the bikeman's swag tho...LOL

A director's worst nightmare

When you force your cast to do exactly as you say...LMAO

This is rough play o

LMAO. No time to process facts when danger approaches. It's Fight or Flight time and the adrenaline kicks in. Hilarious.

Epic Question

When you really need them, the Police or the Fire Service never seem to arrive fast enough. In fact you could order a pizza and it would be delivered long before our uniformed rescuers arrive, though i do not imagine you would be in any state to order pizza with robbers in your neighbourhood or with your house on fire. LOL.  But you get the idea...

PHD Series: When your barber has Ph.D in Customer Service

This is such an innovation for many people who cannot bear to be separated from their phones for even 1 second...lmao

Sunday, 28 February 2016

American Spec English tho...LMAO

Americans must always have their own versions of everything...American Spec cars, American Spec Electricity, even American Spec English. Here are some examples of American Spec English that will have your roaring with laughter...

You go turn to wonderer...LOL

It completely eludes me how people attain this level of cluelessness. After they will say they are Americans...

Lol...The igbo fixation with male children...

True or false? Whatever the answer, this is hilariously expressed

Stay hustlin' and let no one tell you different

An intervention is currently being staged for the famed patient dog. 'Patience' appears to have been taken off the list of virtues in this day and age. So keep at your hustle, stay on your grind, and never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

#OscarsSoWhite...brilliant ad

The phenomenally creative minds at Noah's Ark have captured the essence of the product as well as weighed in on a globally relevant trend. And they made us laugh to boot. Best ad i have seen in a very long time.

#OscarsSoWhite...No be today matter o

This Oscar whiteness has apparently been going on for a while...captured quite hilariously in this video...

Friday, 26 February 2016

Game of Thrones Trailer featuring Donald Trump...LWKMD

The Donald has been inserted into Game of Thrones footage by someone with way too much time on their hands. Its pure genius tho, and funny as kilode...

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Expensive Sh*t...

Yeepa! Thirty something thousand Naira down the toilet! I totally understand why he's crying. LOL

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

C'est la vie...

That's life, i guess. But it's also death if Alexis Phifer who Kanye was engaged to at the time was Nigerian, that's for sure. LOL

If i show you a pic on my phone, DO NOT SWIPE!!!

Holy Hell! If you've been naughty, be afraid. Be very afraid indeed. But knowing parents, you don't even need to have been naughty; they can read meaning into a ham sandwich.LOL

Dollar is now the universal excuse

LMAO! Wetin concern dollar with your relationship status, biko nu? God will save us from this Dollar madness o.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Chics turn into CSI when they are suspicious...

LMAO...this chic ain't even playing. The look of resignation on the guy's face tho...priceless.

Desperate for the digits...LOL

When you're trying to get the number and some dude breaks your flow...there will be consequences LMAO

I really don't understand employers tho

It really cracks me up when i see those ads asking for candidates not more than 23 years old but having 6 years experience. i'm like WTH??

When you don't remember last night...

LMAO...serves you right for drinking all that henny. 

Who understands Kanye's design philosophy?

If anyone understands the creative rationale behind Kanye West's raggedy designs and their outrageous price tags, kindly share for our enlightenment. Because me i don't understand how someone will be paying money, good money, for rags. LMAO

Kanye needs to take a seat already...

Dude just can't get enough of himself. No one on the planet has a more exaggerated opinion of themselves than Mr. West. This kid has the right idea of what he should do tho...

Sunday, 21 February 2016

How to get a seat on a train

Sharp guy. LMAO

Igwe has a new remix

Some people should simply not be allowed to sing. Listening to this has scarred me for life. Now whenever you hear the song, you will be thinking about this video...LOL

Tell 'em Katt

If guys don't see you, how's Mr. Right ever gon know you even exist? Give yourself brain o.

Keeping it in the family...LOL

Looking at them you would think everyone in the picture is related to someone else in the picture. But we can confirm that they aren't. This is just one of those instances when the universe aligns perfectly to provide us something to laugh about, that's all.


I say again, huh? Seriously? Where are the trolls when you really need them?

Lion King meets Social Media

If you've been paying attention you'll know that this blog loves musical parodies, and today we have an absolute gem for you. This is what happens when social media meets the Lion King. You will be roaring with laughter.

Entertainment news presented as only Falz can

Falz dishes on some of the most controversial issues in the entertainment industry. Knowing Falz, trust that this is hilarious.

Probably the most intense workout routine ever created. Move over, Insanity...

This guy's workout routine is simply amazing. The best of all worlds...LMAO. Somehow though, i don't think it will really catch on

The death of trust...

Materialistic bi*ch! LMAO

When Edo lawyers form a partnership...

My Edo people, sorry o. Na joke we dey o, before una go begin fly come my

Strangest thing ever...

This chap expressed his love for a strange art form and was quickly challenged by the omnipresent troll. His response and the troll's are just hilarious. See them after the cut (many people won't get it, I fear).

When the camera picks the wrong couple

Lmao...There will be blood tonight...

Friday, 19 February 2016

More Valentine Silliness from Falz're lucky she only just threw you out. I know chics that have assaulted people for far

Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Valentine Gift

Chics be using toiletries to collect Apple gear. The thunder that will fire you is gathering

Didn't Buhari promise us parity with the Dollar?

With the Dollar having reached N400, our economy is tanking at the speed of sound. Next time we hear CHANGE, we'll run screaming for the hills.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Apple device users, beware of Siri's caustic tongue.  This dude thought he was talking to Cortana and Siri reminded him just like a jealous girlfriend would. Amazing when you realize Siri is just a digital assistant on the iPhone. And funny as heck. Lol

For those who do not know, Cortana is the digital assistant on Windows phones and Siri's arch-enemy.

Ela from the other side

Atta gurl! You would have lost a fan. But that caption tho...Nigerians are just gifted. LMAO.

When you check your bank account

This is the right reaction in the following situations:

After Dasuki makes a deposit into it.
After you sign your first Glo endorsement deal.
When you hear Linda bought a house in Banana Island and you have been blogging before her.
When school fees and house rent fall due in the same month.
When you bet your whole salary that Leicester would beat Arsenal at the Emirates.
When you bet your whole salary that Arsenal would beat Leicester at the Emirates.

 In what other situations is this reaction appropriate? Let us know in the comments

And just so we're clear on the meaning...'s impossible to disagree with the definition, isn't it?

True or just Instagram-hating?

Apparently, if you want to end your relationship, get on Instagram. According to this Instagram user, it is like walking a minefield and nearly everything you do on there can end your relationship as this list attests. So when you want to break up, you know where to go. LOL

Somewhere in Lagos...

What are the odds of this happening? Maybe it has something to do with the colony of bats living in the tree just out of the picture on the right...LOL #AfricaMagicThinking

They Walk Among Us...Hilarious

I have no clue how people get to be so clueless...LMAO

Why are some chics such buzz-kills tho?

This guy is such a gentleman. I cannot keep that conversation going beyond the first 60 seconds. After that she'll get the busy tone. LOL. Another oldie but goodie.

LMAO...This is so true

So many things we say just don't make sense when you really think about them. LOL

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Epic Question...

I have always wondered simply boggles the mind. Calling Master Shifu...

Starstruck kids...

Some of their reactions are just hilarious...but i know how they feel.

When you speak American Igbo...

This is just priceless. I have been laughing since i saw this.

Anything to get out of trouble

Lmao. This just proves we will do anything to get out of trouble...Not me sha. Except its a hot policewoman...

Hilarious Construction Fails...

LMAO...Nearly does not kill a bird, and when the shot is a multi billion Naira bridge, a six inch miss is as good as a mile. Actually, any miss is as good as a mile. See more construction fails after the cut.

LOL.. Nice Pun

Right Response: When an Ex asks you to move on

Chisos!!! That's cold bruh. Dayumm!

Anti Pick-Up Lines...

Wow, some major buzz-killers in that mix. Have mercy ladies. It takes guts to walk up to you guys, please don't crush us when we summon the courage to do it. Except when we're Yoruba demons, then feel free to use any of the above...LMAO

Don't Answer That...

Sometimes you're safer saying nothing at all...

Truck vs Tree

Gotcha! LMAO

Monday, 15 February 2016

Life must have been really hard back then...

LOL...What is 5mb biko? One MP3 file. By the time they got to portable 10mb the price was insane. see that after the cut.

Trevor Noah on Kanye West...

An epiphany delivered in less than 70 characters. Trevor Noah is a genius.

Lmao...I can't deal...

Mehn! I'm weeping with laughter. A picture really is worth a thousand words. LWKMD

When you get more than you hoped for...

Guy almost had a seizure...lmao

When you want to breakup by all means but...

God save us from Karishika o LMAO

Horror of horrors...Beyonce is BLACK!

The gall of these white folks tho...apparently no one realised Beyonce was black until she used her Superbowl performance as a platform to champion #blacklivesmatter. And the scales fell...

Is this sobering or funny?

LOL...apparently if oil prices sink below $25 the oil rigs would be more profitable as offshore amusement parks. Talk about a strong pivot plan... I think it's sobering, but sort of funny too...

Kanye again?

Kanye's meltdown is way past epic proportions already. Album of the year for an album you haven't even dropped yet? And that reply tho...LMAO (Probably not authentic tweets, but still funny af)

Karma is a real bitch tho...

Yes indeed, after ruining many relationships with freak misspellings, it is poetic justice for his obituary announcement to be ruined by the very monster he

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Perfect Escape from a Date...

Wow, wouldn't it have cost more to organise that rescue than to just do the needful? #justsaying

If Guys and Girls Switched Roles on Val's Day


Right Response: When they ask who is your Val?

LOL...It is not your portion o

The ideal chic for Valentine's Day

This would just be perfect for many guys. LOL

Saturday, 13 February 2016

When you gotta go, you gotta go

LMAO... Guys be reacting like they found Tupac...

Extreme silliness

What were they thinking tho?

Think Fast

Blackie no wan think at all...that's why we're in this mess. LMAO

Smart chap...LOL

Ingenious idea for all you iPhone users. Thank me later.

I couldn't agree more...

The logic is simply inescapable, though i suspect the writer might have been going for something entirely different here...LOL

Brands in an identity crisis

Bwahahahahahahahaha...How people can actually buy these products just completely eludes me

Epic Clapback...!!!

LMAO I'm dead. I just can't deal with these people. Their inspiration is just on another level. Ahn ahn, Jesus is now your role model abi? In the important things when He should be your role model you go form blind and

English is seriously funny

Lol...I've never thought about this, but it is so true. Our everyday language is full of these improbable oxymorons. The last one is just hilarious. LWKMD

Funniest X-Factor Audition in the history of the universe

This clip is a little heartbreaking but also hilariously funny. The panic on the judges faces when she tries to start a second song is just priceless.

When your waiter has OCD

This waiter is definitely obsessive-compulsive, but it's because its water sha, if it was Henny i'm pretty sure he'd slow down on the refills LOL

Young parents, your worst fears set to music

Are you a sleep deprived parent? Well, regardless if you get enough sleep or not, you WILL find this hysterical if you have little ones. After hearing this from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard. I felt like they were recording my life! Does any of this sound familiar to you? Anyone with kids will definitely relate...ROTFLMAO

Destiny's Child, with love from Bini Kokolets in the abroad

This music video will win in any category in which it is nominated. Such awesome need to see it to believe it...LMAO

How to get a chic's real name...

Yeah, this is really funny. When you ask for the account name, it is always a classic 'nigga, what?' moment, cos you might as well have been talking to two different people.

From frying pan to fire...LWTMB

Please watch to the end. Funny AF...

Babies are really just tiny drunk adults...

LMAO...these buzzfeed guys have time sha

When your sidechick tries to hold your hand in public...

Babe, abeg know your place and stay in your lane jare

Kids say the darnedest

You can never tell what will come out of a five year old's mouth. Check out some of the best....

A troll comes for Kendall Jenner

These damn trolls tho... how do they come up with the things they write?