Wednesday, 27 July 2016

If you like series, you'll love Seriesland

Imagine having 101 of the best TV shows ever filmed available on demand whenever you like. From the classics like Prison Break and The Sopranos to the raves of the moment like Empire and Power to the phenomenal game-changers like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones,  always on, always available, subscription-free with no data required for streaming.

How is this possible?

Seriesland is a selection of 101 of the very best TV series available, curated on a hard drive to provide over 10,000 hours of pure viewing pleasure. Just plug the hard drive to your TV’s USB port and unleash the entertainment with one click of your remote control.

Fun Fact: if you plugged the Seriesland hard-drive to your TV and left it to play continuously, it would play for fourteen months nonstop.

All that entertainment for just N25,000.00 only.

To put that price in perspective, think about these two facts:

Fact number one: the hard drive itself costs between N20k and N35k depending on where you’re buying it, meaning there are people out there who will spend N25k on an empty hard drive. Will you be one of them? Or will you get yourself unlimited entertainment for the same price?

Fact number two: the most popular cable TV provider’s family bouquet subscription for 14 months costs N50400, twice what Seriesland costs. And their content is not available on demand. Plus your subscription is wasting while you are out of the house. Seriesland makes much more sense economically and even from a content perspective as there are great shows you never got to see which are not available on cable TV anymore but are on Seriesland.

Click here to download the Seriesland brochure and see the variety of shows available.

To order, send an email reserving your Seriesland hard-drive to with your name,  location and phone number.

Fastest Fingers First! Send that email now!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Monday, 11 July 2016

A Girl has no name...

I wasn't ready for this....Lmao. The meme is self explanatory. Every guy out there can totally relate.

Arsenal's lack of cups

Guys have zero chill tho... If you don't get it, sorry but you've missed one of the funniest jokes in the history of the world.

Reverse Miracle...LMAO

To those who do not know, t-fare means transport fare so dude truly had to walk. Personally, this killed me. LMAO

Friday, 1 April 2016

Disappearing car...Hilarious

When you refused to greet elders in your village, you now think they will let you date your dream girl in peace, abi? fa fa fa fawu. kikikikikikikiki

Na wa for guys sha...

There are no words...LMAO

Thursday, 31 March 2016

When they say marriage is a sentence

When they say marriage is a life sentence, this is what they mean. Branded for keeps. LMAO. Obviously the lady is ecstatic with her prize, the dude, not so much. I wonder how they got together in the first place.