Wednesday, 27 July 2016

If you like series, you'll love Seriesland

Imagine having 101 of the best TV shows ever filmed available on demand whenever you like. From the classics like Prison Break and The Sopranos to the raves of the moment like Empire and Power to the phenomenal game-changers like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones,  always on, always available, subscription-free with no data required for streaming.

How is this possible?

Seriesland is a selection of 101 of the very best TV series available, curated on a hard drive to provide over 10,000 hours of pure viewing pleasure. Just plug the hard drive to your TV’s USB port and unleash the entertainment with one click of your remote control.

Fun Fact: if you plugged the Seriesland hard-drive to your TV and left it to play continuously, it would play for fourteen months nonstop.

All that entertainment for just N25,000.00 only.

To put that price in perspective, think about these two facts:

Fact number one: the hard drive itself costs between N20k and N35k depending on where you’re buying it, meaning there are people out there who will spend N25k on an empty hard drive. Will you be one of them? Or will you get yourself unlimited entertainment for the same price?

Fact number two: the most popular cable TV provider’s family bouquet subscription for 14 months costs N50400, twice what Seriesland costs. And their content is not available on demand. Plus your subscription is wasting while you are out of the house. Seriesland makes much more sense economically and even from a content perspective as there are great shows you never got to see which are not available on cable TV anymore but are on Seriesland.

Click here to download the Seriesland brochure and see the variety of shows available.

To order, send an email reserving your Seriesland hard-drive to with your name,  location and phone number.

Fastest Fingers First! Send that email now!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Monday, 11 July 2016

A Girl has no name...

I wasn't ready for this....Lmao. The meme is self explanatory. Every guy out there can totally relate.

Arsenal's lack of cups

Guys have zero chill tho... If you don't get it, sorry but you've missed one of the funniest jokes in the history of the world.

Reverse Miracle...LMAO

To those who do not know, t-fare means transport fare so dude truly had to walk. Personally, this killed me. LMAO

Friday, 1 April 2016

Disappearing car...Hilarious

When you refused to greet elders in your village, you now think they will let you date your dream girl in peace, abi? fa fa fa fawu. kikikikikikikiki

Na wa for guys sha...

There are no words...LMAO

Thursday, 31 March 2016

When they say marriage is a sentence

When they say marriage is a life sentence, this is what they mean. Branded for keeps. LMAO. Obviously the lady is ecstatic with her prize, the dude, not so much. I wonder how they got together in the first place.

Full marks for creativity...

The child knows the answer na, she just wants the teacher to put in some effort to discover it...hehehehe. Meanwhile, she's missing the whole point of education...

Everything is on the rise...

LMAO! CHANGE has truly come

Little Boy vs .... well, see for yourself

Why send a boy to do a man's job? LMAO (Wait for it)

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Why the sidechick will always be with us

Karma is a biatch!!!

There's no love for Trump supporters anywhere...

Surprising how he just keeps winning though, despite the groundswell of dislike for his candidacy...well, don't be caught supporting him, or else, no one's got your back.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Why you should pay attention to your babe

Guys, please pay attention to your chic, particularly in public, or this could be you...

When you try to rob a thug...

You never know who you're trying to rob, and that is a major risk you run when you join the dark side...because you may run into these folks in this video. LMAO!!!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Arsenal Choking Syndrome

This has become an actual condition now as Arsenal continue to choke on their opportunities. LMAO. Hilarious as heck!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Chics, kindly explain this for us...

Strange logic, particularly as the bikini covers far less than the underwear. But i heard a gem of any explanation that went something like this: I want to be seen in my bikini, but i didn't ask to be seen in my underwear. Umm, well...that's like two plus two equals fish. Still makes no sense to me.

LMAO...and i thought i had seen everything

Just when you think you've seen everything this life had 5to shock you with, you come across tweets like these....seriously? Who damaged these chics like this?

Unfortunate Name Series: Sad name for a judge

How is anyone supposed to take him seriously with a name like that? I can just imagine the suppressed giggles when the bailiff goes 'All rise, Judge Wille Stroker presiding...' I'm betting he's had to send a good number of folks to county jail for contempt of court. Dude, your parents kinda failed you bruv...LMAO

Payment in kind...


That one brutally honest friend...

With a friend like this, you don't need enemies...ROTFLMAO

The funniest struggle you will ever see...

This little chap gets full marks for effort and innovation...but life is tough tho...hilarious.

Abeg what do women want ooo?

After they will say that no means no...meanwhile they are broadcasting mixed signals, be confusing a brotha. This chic tho...hilarious!

LMAO...This is so true...

I have always wondered about this tho...girls be walking about with pencil marks on their foreheads, their God-given eyebrows scraped clean...what's up with that?

007's Latest Mission

Your mission, 007, should you choose to accept it, involves the removal of a threat to world peace. a megalomaniac named Trump is desirous of getting his hands on the greatest nuclear arsenal on the planet. Imagine a mad man holding the nuclear codes...? We need you to make him go away.

N'am sayin'....

Funny excerpt from The Birthday Bash with Julius Agwu...that DJ Naira is the ish tho...LMAO

How Government Workers are when you're in a hurry

I have experienced this first-hand and it is truly infuriating. but it is hella funny to watch tho...

Abeg mind your business...

How is it your business if she wants to use me for rituals? Haters!!! LMAO @the eyes of the guy on the right. Priceless!

When innocence was our shield...

****Runs away****

Thursday, 17 March 2016

What is this teacher drinking?

Apparently teachers are uniformly mean across the world. What kind of psychological bullying is this biko nu? And here i was, thinking that Naija teachers were the most heartless in the world. We still dey learn

Whose Sister, Girlfriend or Daughter is this?

This has to be the very height of cluelessness. How one grows to this age while remaining so daft is completely beyond me.

What a nasty

With friends like these, who needs enemies? LMAO

Who has been entering his wife? LMAO

Basketmouth and Bovi will crack you up in this skit featuring a misunderstanding that leads to a lot of stammering and some running. Hilarious stuff from true A-listers of comedy.

Dear old Arsene...

This is the best opportunity for perennial underachievers Arsenal to win the EPL with the other 3 of the so-called Big 4 misfiring this season. but yet again they are failing to step up to the plate, letting Leicester and Tottenham get into the driving seats. Well, Arsene Wenger's record speaks for itself, so we're not surprised.

Funeral vs Beyonce Concert...

Somehow, i don't doubt it o. The passion some of these Beyhive members have for their idol is just unbelievable.

Blue Ivy Wannabe...

So you wanted to be born by Beyonce? No be only Beyonce...What of Afrocandy? Better still, why not be your own Beyonce? Think about it.

Hilarious Prankster

Please watch in private so you can really laugh. Some really funny pranks here...

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Unfortunate Name Series: Females, stay on first name basis with this dude

...because calling his full name is the final word in awkwardness. Especially if you do it in a public place. You won't live it down in a hurry. Hehehehehehe

I bet this won't work with Naija kids tho...

Naija kids are too sharp for this joo...they will know their father's smell and many other subliminal indicators of paternity. But this is funny tho...the baby's confusion is just adorable...

Caught red-handed...or red-faced. LOL

Superb prank for catching thieves. We need this in Naija badly. Maybe people would stop snatching bags.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

The Super-Sulk

LMAO. Y'all might look a lot better than this when you're sulking, but this is just spot on. In my mind's eye i can easily see a number of people in this pose with this very expression. I can't stop laughing...

Paranoia on another level

Seriously dude, you need to get a life. You're monitoring spiders now?

Unfortunate Name Series: Your driver is a what...???

Holy crap! I'm not getting in that cab. Never! And if you know what's good for you, you wouldn't either. Except of course if you like that sort of

When you have a suicide-pact with weed...

Please how does a sane person decide to smoke this amount of weed? That's enough weed to get an entire village of Jamaicans higher than a kite. I can only conclude that he is tired of life and wants to end it all in a haze of glory. LMAO

Perfect Response...LOL

Very pertinent question. LMAO

Unfortunate Name Series: This guy doesn't stand a chance

WTH! Who names their child like this? Obviously he didn't attend an English speaking secondary school, otherwise he'd be dead of embarrassment by now. LMAO

Monday, 14 March 2016

When you neva blow reach...

Your sense suppose tell you when you don blow reach to try this stunt. Jamaican upcoming artiste thought he was at that level of popularity where he could throw himself into the sea of adoring fans and they would lovingly bear their idol on their arms as he serenades them...well, not quite. Five words: Moses at the Red Sea. LMAO

After a hard day of work and traffic...LMAO

How they got this video, i will never know...but you could easily substitute me for that rabbit. it is exactly how i am when i get home from work after battling traffic for two and a half hours. There's nothing left to do, just crash. This is just uncanny. LOL

Epic Sneeze

This little chap has the most epic sneeze of his life. Not even sure i knew that they could sneeze at all, but it cracks me up each and every time i see it. LOL

Now that's just messed up.

They're some pretty cool images you can get from a photocopier, and i guess that's what she was going for. But someone had also tried to get cool images before her. It is truly hilarious when you decode it. LMAO

Whatever happened to Nokia?

I really miss the legendary battery life of Nokia phones. you could travel to the abroad without taking your charger, stay for two months without needing to charge the phone and come back with at least two bars. Epic! Not these smartphones of today that their batteries don't last the duration of a sneeze.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Ad Agency madness...

Having worked in advertising and experienced this firsthand, i just had to share it. Many people might not get it but i'm being selfish. So there. Shout out to Collyde Prime of STB-McCann for this piece of hilarity.

WTH is this?

Where did we get it wrong as Africans? Whose child is this biko nu?

Freaking Out Strangers 101

LMAO! Said with the right expression, this would have people running for the hills.

Are you part of the world's problems?

Give it a go and see how many of the world's great men you recognize. Be honest with yourself and list them in the comments let's know if you're part of the problem.

Apparently Spinning does something to females

Who remembers when 'spinning' used to be a word for toasting? They might have been on to something back then, because curiously, spinning a lady apparently does something to her brain. Watch to see what i mean...

Slap of life

There are different varieties of slaps...this one is the type that can change your destiny, also known as Hard Reset. LMAO

Friday, 11 March 2016

Ain't nobody gat time fo dat...

That is one impatient cat. I wonder what it wants to read. probably working on a project of some kind and had a tight deadline. Then the printer starts taking its sweet time...ain't nobody gat time fo Watch the video after the cut.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

How to kiss a girl in 10 seconds

Please, someone tell me that this is planned, cos adonbelivit!!! Try it in Naija, beta slap will be your portion. Lmao.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

When the fear of death isn't strong enough

I have no can someone prefer to die instead of giving up his password? Only heaven knows what's in that phone.  Haven't stopped laughing tho...

The never-ending fight


For Trump's Supporters...

The nightmare of a possible Trump presidency continues as he has so far won 458 delegate votes. cruz has 359 and Rubio has 151. It takes 1,237 delegate votes to win the Republican nomination for president. We are holding our breath as we watch.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Epic Homework

Who offended this teacher? The whole class should go and beg o. Which kind of homework is this? Sometimes the homework they give 5 year olds to do looks like this to them i'm sure. Then they give it to their parents to do, and it still looks like this to their parents. LMAO

Auto-correct strikes again

LMAO @cold hermaphrodites. No wonder the other guy refused. Auto-correct won't kill sumborri.

There's something about this video...

This video makes me laugh really hard yet i could not tell you why. Please watch after the cut and, if you can, please explain what makes it so funny in the comments.

Self-belief on steroids...LMAO

That's what happens when you have an over-exaggerated opinion of yourself LOL

A goldilocks tale...Naija style

This Naija spin on the classic fairytale will have you laughing till your sides hurt.

I'm with the cat on this one...

Just like the cat, adonbelivit!

That one guy at the buffet...

Let me confess, i have thought about doing this many times but my upper class breeding always holds me in check. one day tho...LOL

LMAO...Never thought about this

I couldn't stop laughing when i saw this and realized just how true it was. people have time sha, honestly. How does one think about watching a movie backwards, biko nu? Funny as all get out tho.

Why do babes do this?

Ever break up with someone and their entire group of friends start treating you like dirt? I have never been able to understand it. How did i offend all of you? Keeping malice on behalf of someone else is somewhat like taking panadol for someone else's headache. in fact, it is exactly like taking panadol for someone else's headache. And since we know drug abuse is bad, this has to be right up there with it...#logicoflife. LOL

Arsenal fans have it in for Rashford

This completely floored me, sort of like how Marcus Rashford floored Arsenal with a double strike two weekends ago. LMAO. If dem catch am ehn, the brushing no go get part two...

Thursday, 3 March 2016

When i'm driving alone and my jam comes on

When we live out our fantasies through music...priceless. Everyone knows someone who does this. This is sooo me, all day everyday. LMAO

New Naija scam format is literally out of this world

The writers of these scam letters need to be in Hollywood or Nollywood creating scripts, cos they are a mighty creative bunch. You simply cannot believe your ears when you hear this letter. Simply out of this world.

Wrongest time to ask questions...

When you're completely sozzled and nothing seems to make sense, one driver will now be asking you how to get to Bawala Street in Shomolu. Guy abeg drive joo, will you reduce my fare for helping you do your job? LMAO

How easy it is to get into trouble with Nigerian parents

Nigerian parents have insanely fine tuned antennae for detecting even the faintest hint of sarcasm,  condescension or other form of disrespect. So it's not that you talked back...which is how communication works really, it is really about 'how' you said it... I can totally relate. LOL

Why punctuation is crucially important...

That sentence needs a comma and an exclamation mark to take your minds out the gutter. And Mason tried to help o. LMAO. So much for gratitude.

Cute baby's angry

This adorable baby has a mean mug when she's mad. Totally hilarious. She will leave you in stitches.

Slapping for money...

Haa, see money ritual ooo. If this happened for real some people would slap their kids half to death. Me i will just take the child to church for

When you wish you could just die...LOL

I cannot imagine being in that guy's shoes...truly there are worse things than death...LMAO

Autocorrect will not kill somborri

This autocorrect thing will ko ba somebody one day sha...LMAO @ this was a great chat.

Clapback of the year...

Damn! babe just got her unrealistic expectations put in very harsh perspective. Nenye gat no chill at all...LMAO

Truer words have never been said...

The gall of some chics tho... You know you won't date someone, you will still be asking for stuff from the guy. My people say, the food that is forbidden, do not carry it near your nose. LOL

Wednesday, 2 March 2016